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As you avid mushroom hunters know, morel season is almost here. For those of you who have never gone morel hunting let me give you some pointers.
-The season starts mid-April and lasts until mid-may. (Depending on the weather and temperature.)
-The morel grows best and is usually found when the air temperature is between 60 degrees and mid-70's and when the soil temperature is above 60 degrees. ( - Here is a soil temperature map of the USA that is updated daily.)
-They are best found in ash, pine and especially in elm tree groves. Other good places to find them are old orchards and areas of landscape mulch.
-As far as terrain, look for morels in wood to grassland transition areas.
-When gathering use mesh bags, onion bags or pillow cases to allow the mushrooms to breath.
-To prepare and clean them, slice them lengthwise and rinse with cold water all the dirt and unwanted critters away. Soaking in salt water is not recommended because will ruin the delicate flavor.
-If you dehydrate them, rehydrate them in half and half milk until soft.
-Be extremely alert for false morels. Some of the known side effects are severe cases of diarrhea, severe headaches, vomiting, nausea, extreme dizziness, and YES even possible death.

- - Learn to identify between real and false morels before you harvest.
- - Learn more about the morel from Wikipedia.
- - More about morels from Wild Harvest website. (Lots of other valuable info on this site as well.)

I will be covering some more edible wild mushrooms soon when I get the time.
Good luck and happy hunting!!!

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Ive never gone morel huntin before.
A neighbor of mine hunts em everyyear.
Im goin morel huntin this year with him.
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