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Prepping = life insurance
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Glad I found you guys. I've already learnt alot just lurking over these holidays and reading what you've all posted up already.

I especially enjoyed the link out to Frugal Squirrel with FerFAL's post on the realities of urban survival in contemporary Argentina.

I look forward to learning more. I'm especially interested (worried) about the current socio-economic climate in the US... yep I'm one of "those guys" who think we're in for some deep shizzle in the near term (2012 or sooner) thanks to our less than (IMO) earnest/honest fractional reserve banking system.... but anyhow...

I've started prepping in little ways:

  • picked up an MSR manual pump/filter
  • have started storing water
  • picking up extra canned goods (long shelf-life items) - stuff I already eat or at least like too
  • picked up a 5kW generator
  • reducing my debtload (selling toys/vehicles and/or paying them off in full before the dollar crashes)
  • re-applied for a long-since expired FOID (Firearm Owner ID - a draconian requirement here in IL for even going to the range or even just buying ammo)
  • went shooting at the range

I'm going to be looking into tactical/practical shooting classes once my FOID comes in.

Some of you may recognize me from a Zombie fan forum :) For the obvious and subtle reasons that most survivalists can appreciate, I'm a zombie movie fan.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts