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Wow... what are the chances that two locals from SFBay signed up within minutes of each other (Nix is Lost). :thumb:

Just wanted to introduce myself. Lived through the '89 quake which prompted my wife and I to dabble in prepping. Prepping gave way to starting a family. After the earthquakes in Haiti and most recently in Japan, we've all decided to make a serious commitment to preparing ourselves for (let's be honest) the inevitable "Big One".

Over the course of the last two months, we've laid out our Bug In/Out Plans and this week we're putting the finishing touches on:

  • The Wife's GHB with IFAK
  • Two (2) GHATs (to be explained later) :eek::
  • Primary Bug Out Trauma/FAK
  • Home FAK

We're about a third of the way through the our Bug In Box, Bug Out Bag and Car Kit.

Well that's it so far in a nutshell. I'll endeavor to contribute and share as much as possible to the forum.

Looking forward to interacting with as many of you as possible.


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