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She is one of a clutch of Christian evangelists and social conservatives who have grasped control of the state's education board. This week they are expected to force through a new curriculum that is likely to shift what millions of American schoolchildren far beyond Texas learn about their history.

The board is to vote on a sweeping purge of alleged liberal bias in Texas school textbooks in favour of what Dunbar says really matters: a belief in America as a nation chosen by God as a beacon to the world, and free enterprise as the cornerstone of liberty and democracy.
Some changes certainly need to be made, but the above is most certainly not what is needed.

Christianity and other religions certainly have a place in our school system, and that place is called Theology class, and its an elective.

What we need to do is stop passing students who don't succeed and aren't trying just so a school system can get more federal funding. If you fail a class, you should have to take it over again. Too stupid or lazy to graduate high school? Tough cookies, life is a pain in the ass sometimes, pick up a broom and start sweeping floors or flipping burger's and don't complain. I am by no means a genius, but I managed to graduate high school and obtain a bachelors degree, its not that hard if you try.
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