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Its neat, but who wants to store a lens that large to cook with on a time-to-time basis?

Surely there is a better option then a 2 foot by 4 foot lens?

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You could use it to warm up the inside of a lean to on a cold day.

Start a big bonfire at the beach for a weenie roast.

Turkeys don't come little you know.

A whole new way of roasting a side of beef.

Some of us in the wintertime think you can never be too warm.

Burn the mole right out of his hole.

Burn the feathers off a plucked foul.

I wonder if you can attach it to a south facing window and heat up a material in your house that will keep the house warm without burning down.

Did you know that some of us have 2 ovens to cook in and not just 1?

How long do you think it would take to heat up a double sleeping bag. And I bet it would be better then a hot rock.

I bet I could send an "S O S" to the aliens out in space.

Turn a wading pool into a hot sauna.

I'm sure with more time I could think of a lot of things to do with all that big screen.

God bless and keep on prepping.
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