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How to track wild hogs

Wild hogs are very good source of fresh meat. Most states have a year round open season, with both of those factors, these beast should not be over looked. Some of these wild hogs can exceed 300+ pounds - talk about being able to feed a family if SHTF.

Wild hogs require some kind of water source. These animals like creek bottoms and low areas - somewhere they can stay wet during the hottest summer months.


Wild hogs require a constant food supply. A pack of these animals will clear an area of just about anything edible in just a few days. If there are deer feeders in the area, hogs will stay rather close. Wild hogs have been known to move between deer feeders even running other animals such as deer away from the food.

In the picture below wild hogs have made a very clear path going to the deer feeder.

In this picture, hogs have used this tree as a scratching post, walking around it rubbing up against it. In some cases the hogs will rub the bark off the tree.

This is what wild hogs like, a steady supply of food - which is what a deer feeder gives them, a steady supply of corn.

Now for some pictures of the HOGS!! Notice its the same deer feeder in both sets of pictures.


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