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How to store a freezer

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I'm moving in three weeks, and the move will take about two weeks to complete. Our freezer was accidentally defrosted, so now I have to keep this thing free of... gross stuff (bugs, mold, etc.) for about 5 weeks of non-use. I have cleaned it thoroughly with clorox. I can't reach the plug to unplug it; it's behind the freezer and I'm not strong enough to move the freezer myself. Do I turn the temperature off or leave it cold? Do I leave the door open or closed? Is there something I should put inside the freezer to help with the moisture, bugs, etc?

I know most everyone on this board has freezers, and as knowledgeable as everyone here is, I'm sure someone can point me in the right direction! :thumb:
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Depending on where you decide to store it, you may want to remove the doors. If a child climbs inside playing, they will suffocate.
Great Thinking!

You might put 1 or 2 boxes of baking soda just to absorb any smells. Turning the temperature knob all the way to zero should turn it off!
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