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How to rearly live off the land

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Ive noticed that many people post about there intentions to just go off and live off the land in the case of a shtf or teotwawki scenareo.

They seem to think they could just go off and do it after the even begins, this would be very difficult.

If a group of people set up a location in advance whilst they had the luxury of modern machinery, this would make it much easier to set this up.

What i am looking for in this thread is for any sudjestions in setting up some kind of "commune" before tshtf.

If a group of people were to set up a fairly self sufficient community:

  1. What skills do the people involved need
  2. What tools, machinery would you recomend
  3. would it be best to hunt, grow, forage or any combination
  4. any other ideas
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The people who will have the best chance of survival will be the small farmers. If there is an established farm that is willing to turn it into a commune type setting, so that they have the help, security and support of others, this will be the best situation.
1. The people involved need to understand gardening, farming, animal husbandry, medical, firearms, welding, etc etc. Most old time farmers are a wealth of information and if you can doctor up an animal, you have a better chance than most with a human.
2. You need enough hand equipment to large scale garden with if you have no access to fuel or power. It is also important to have the equipment to farm and garden if there is fuel and power, it will save a lot of energy.
3. It will be best to grow food. If you are out in the country you can forage as well, it is really surprising how much food is available that we don't use. But you have to start practicing this now, don't expect to know what to do when you need it if you haven't practiced it. Where I am from everyone will start to hunt. And it won't last long. The game will be cleaned out and pushed to far back. If there is no access to fuel it would be hard to get back into the areas you'd have to start going to get game.
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My brother, sons and I have started to look at horse/mule drawn implements.
Hard to come by for purchase, but brother can fabricate.

A near neighbor, in Alabama, has starting growing or what ever it is you do to get mules :), and we are looking into that.

Sorry to say, we are just in the planning stages of fueless (sp?), larger scale food production.

Have a start on raised beds, etc., but figure we will need more then that.
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