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I did not really find an arts&crafts section so i decided to place this in general. Before i start i want to note this is a very long post but if you want to make a very nice work of art here you go. Its also PICTURE INTENSIVE.

It is not a quickie 15min make a pipe out of sticks post it will take a minute. Also this is in no way a SACRED or TRADITIONAL peace pipe, medicine pipe, calumet, ceremonial smoking pipe or any sort of religious artifact. please do not claim some Cherokee war chief passed this down to you because you saved his life from frontiersmen. it might impress your idiotic friends but its still not true. again i do not claim this is a sacred religious item, I will however make some religious Indian tidbits in here that influenced my construction to help you create yours.
this is however, a very good functional project that when done will be something you can proudly display.

again this is a work of art and materials, design, and construction differ from one person to another. there really isn't a carbon copy way of doing this. its unique to you.

pipe-stem. bamboo, or reed, or soft wood. choose what you wish. i went with bamboo.

saw or dremmel(optional but recommended)(highly recommend a dremmel if you don't own one. they make things like this much easier)

accessories. feathers, beads, jute or hemp twine, leather, rawhide, fur, bones, whatever.

For the stem i choose bamboo, traditionally its reed but I'm trying to make this out of things you can purchase

bought a 6ft bamboo pole at Lowes, try the garden section of your favorite mass consumer outlet. you don't need 6ft, anywhere between 2-3 feet is good. my recommendations is to sit down cross legged. put the pipe at rest on the ground and sitting up straight mark where it meets your lips. that's a good length.

a clotheshanger works great for punching through the bamboo knots. id recommend a nice sturdy one if you don't mind messing it up but it can be used for other crafts. a brass or steel one from walmart is best. the cheap ones you get at like dry cleaners are worthless. wouldn't recommend them.

you can use a soft wood like elder, split it and hollow the middle out then glue it back together but bamboo works just dandy

next comes the fun part. wrapping the shaft, i used hemp rope from walmart and in retrospect i should of got a thicker one but i didn't so it took forever anyways the process is simple. start with a U loop at whichever section of the pipe you wish. i started at the mouthpiece. wrap over the U loop and keep going down. this will keep everything looking flawless so there isnt a huge unsightly knot. keep wrapping around and around and around then we start attaching the parts that hang down. our fringe i recon.

here is a picture explaining the U loop

look carefully how this is done. you take a section of your hemp rope. or jute or rawhide. whatever you using and place it on your pipe stem then wrap over with the rope currently circling your pipe it will hold on its own but if your worried about it falling out your welcome to put some superglue on the string and glue it to the pipe. you don't need alot

okay. now to make the string hang down so you can attach items to it you just lift it up and continue wrapping underneath it. do this however many times you want down your pipe, one at the mouth and one at the bowl? hey groovy. want 50 of them? far out, its up to you. Tie a small knot into the end of the fringe before attaching so it wont pull out as easily. some superglue helps too but you can wait till the end to coat everything in glue if you like.

^whenever your done wrapping the whole thing it should look something like this^

at the end when you are tieing the rope off so it wont unravel here is the most seamless way to do so. wrap a loop around and pass the rope under it, pull it tight then go the opposite direction and do it again and pull it tight as you can. hard to explain even with pictures but here is a pic

just pass it under. tug it tight then go opposite and do it again. pull it tight as you can. try to do it so the knot is on the underside and you can slide beads up on it to hide it if you wish

if you haven't said screw it, broke the pipe in half or decided to turn it into ****ty nunchaku by now im proud of ya. that was pretty much the hardest part.

next i added beads to them, again bought at walmart. plenty of colors to choose from, get bright pink neon if thats your thing though the more subdued, camo colors are more traditional looking IMO. any pattern you wish, i just randomly through them on there. one because i just barely had enough to finish it (btw 500 beads is bout how many mine took. your mileage may vary) and didn't wanna buy a second bag just for a pattern and two it woulda took longer lol. when you put the last bead on, if you want things to look flush tie a knot into the rope then push it up into the last bead, you may have to tie more than 1 knot ontop of each other. you want it tight. add a drop of superglue and it should hold for the life of the pipe or till the string breaks or comes loose.

this is the end result of the beads

please don't ask where i got that pouch at the end, i honestly don't remember. i think it came with a piece of junk swiss army knife i bought at a flea market. its there to carry my smoke with if you can find something to use, groovy. cant really think of anything you can buy however. perhaps a piece of soft leather and sew a bag up yourself, only thing i can think of.

add some feathers and it looks pretty traditional.

slide the quill of the feather up between the beads, this is where i regret getting the thinnest hemp rope. rawhide or thicker rope might hold the feather taunt to the bead, but if it doesnt do what i did. superglue the quill to the ROPE. not to the beads. to the ROPE this is so the beads can still move freely up and down

if you hunt then you can really make it look good, fur and real feathers, wouldn't have to buy many items.

lastly i would suggest cutting a mouthpiece. basically your smoking end, whack off at a 45 angle. then curve it a bit and if possible sandpaper it with a nice high grit. get it nice and smooth.

if done correctly it should look as good as any true peace pipe. however your welcome to spend 300 bucks on the internet and buy one but it wont be any more sacred than this. regardless if a true Indian made it or not.

now the bowl section.

materials are again personal use but doubt you will find anything in your local store

antler or bone works good and looks good. red pipestone is considered traditional but will be hard to locate. if you got access to a kilm you can fire some clay

i personally choose to make mine out of hickory, its a hardwood that is resistant to burning or damage and wont split while your working with it. any hard wood will be good and I'm sure you can find a tree atleast i hope so.

however big you want is up to you. mine is about 1 inch across and 4 inches deep with a 5/8th bowl that's about 3/8th of an inch deep which is a fairly large sized bowl. comparable to what is found on most high class smoking pipes.

materials: bowl and drill bits, knife. saw

peel the bark from the wood. on hickory it was fairly easy though i did stab myself once. that hurt like hell lol

i don't personally suggest the type of drillbit used in the photo because it has that spike on the end. if you got a bit like the other kind pictured except as big, use it. but ya gotta use what ya gotta use and the spike doesnt matter for this part because were making an air channel. however for the part where the stem connects to the bowl it matters

bore out your hole, then a smaller hole for the smoke to travel through. it will act like a natural filter so your not suckin ash into your mouth. you can make 2 or 3 small ones if you prefer.

next you want to drill into the side, this is where you really need the other type of bit. find the correct size and bore in half way - 3/4th of the way to the smoke channel then go one size lower and drill the rest ofthe way. you block the channel and your not gonna get anything. bamboo isnt perfectly round so you might have to trim some with your knife from the bored hole and from the bamboo stem.

now just force it on. tap it lightly with a cloth covered hammer till its wedged on nice and tight. it probably wont be air tight but it should be good enough. if your worried use a bit of superglue however I'm not sure if that will create any fumes while smoking. after its been given 24hrs to cure out i mean. it shouldn't hurt yall but don't quote me.

here is a paint drawing of how to create the bowl best i can explain

the green is whatever you intend to smoke, the blue is the smoke going through the channel. red is just an empty void showing not to block the smoke channel

however if you do accidentally block the channel. drill into the bamboo. but if it rotates on you then your screwed.

once its set how you want it. wrap again like you did at the beginning. only this time go around the bowl and secure it to the pipe. tie it off.

i also braided some leather and attached it for a carrying strap. and that's it. here is the finished item

here is a good site to see other
Peace Pipes to give you a general idea of different styles you can go with when creating your own. honestly tho. 300 dollars for one? screw that! i promise they are no more religious or sacred than mine.

please post links to a picture in the reply when you get yours made as we all want to see it.

any questions or assistance needed message me or post a reply and I'll get back to ya. Thanks.
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