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What would be real life (possible) reasons why they would need to evacuate?

After that, what are few good routes ver your place?

I would keep things casually without sounding crazy prepper. Here we have power outages and cold winters, time to time house fires and tilted hazard truck and so on...
I would say something like "If your house catch a fire or powers goes out, you are always welcome to my place... There is this and that good roads with couple of smaller roads here and there what myself like to use time to time because beautiful views and less traffic." and that it would be... No discussions of choke points, or possible looters if they don't talk about them first.

If they would know that they have place to go, it could plant seed in their thoughts that it really is an option. :thumb:

I have couple of this kind of place for myself And I could be that kind of place for couple others and nobody of us are preppers...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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