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My parents and younger siblings moved to New York recently, about a half hour from the "Big Apple" itself. I live in Indiana and have some preps and SHTF plans but I am still a novice. How do I talk to my parents about having evacuation routes in case of a disaster? NYC is the LAST place you should want to be for any disaster. My parents don't think much about prepping but I am sure I could at least convince them to have a few Evac routes. We have some family in PA and OH so I would base the routes around their locations. I have already mentioned to my mother that, in case of a regional disaster the relative in PA could be our contact point since they are far enough away from both of our homes. Thoughts? Tips?
Hi, NYC resident here, I live in Manhattan.

If your family is on Long Island, forget evacuating. Traffic on a good day. If they are north on NYC, 1/2 hour would put them in Westchester/Rockland area. If that is where they are, and you have family in Pa, tell them to head to Route 84 West and head straight in to PA. That road is usually in pretty good condition.

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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