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tough crowd around here huh... :rolleyes:

my mom and her husband for many years living on the southeast coast would refuse to leave in advance of a hurricane threat...
my standing rule was that I would come get them well in advance and have them just enjoy a week visiting with us..but that after AFTER it hit that I was not going to leave my wife/kids to try and get down there through all that mess to get them out then.

now I'm older, the husband is deceased and I don't give my mom and option..if a major storm is coming.. i just call and tell her to pack her's a quick 4 hrs down and then back again to retreive her.

all my adult children know that their best plan is to get to my house out in the country where we have resources.
my son has done the google earth thing and even mapped out a foot route via utility easments etc and has go bags packed for him, wife, daughter.

the other 3 daughters and their families...not so much...a bit of prep in the pantry but it'd be a challenge for them if they had to scoot with nowhere close to go.. I preached to them all years ago when I got into the prepping hobby...then wrote em all one last love letter promising that I wouldn't evangelize any more..they know I prep, they know about much of our preps...but they make their own life choices...they know i will not leave my wife nor endanger myself risking that i can't get back to my wife, by trying to recon others...if a bad day hits... my job will be to secure and prepare our home and property and wait for the kids to arrive.

as for bugging out..evac?... we purposely do not live in town and are 10s of miles from a city....we also are frequent we have a lot of experience packing out..and many things prepared in advance.

I just can't seem to motivate others..many friends and family seem to want to talk about it..but then i'll see them months or years later and they've done nothing...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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