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My parents and younger siblings moved to New York recently... Thoughts? Tips?
This made me chuckle.

Well, the first step to discussing something is to mention it.

Now dude, why don't you think up some plans and share it with them.

It is not like you are gay in an orthodox Jewish family.

Seriously when you sort out some working plans be sure to post them up to my mailbox here too.

Also, you might want to draw up some contingency plans for if they get tied up for a while for yourself.

Share your thoughts on it.

Personally just looking at a MAP of New York and considering various SHTF type situations, I would think you would either need protective gear and plan to swim and walk out or get a boat and motor of some sort depending on where in NYC they are.

I would think most bridges would get clogged so a huge chunk of the city would be isolated.

boats might get to be a death warrant if the crisis was riot stage.

Overall, though. Just bring it up. In fact, they may not want to do anything at all, maybe they will. It normally comes down to cost and time commitment.

Also, any planned state or terrorist SHTF situation would exercise to also cause traffic blockage if the desire was to have greatest disorder.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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