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You would think with the vast amount spent on healthcare in this country, we would be super healthy; the healthiest on the planet.

We surely are not.

There is big money in keeping us sick and on multiple drugs for life. (There was even an episode of Star Trek on this subject ).

From what I have been able to learn, doing a few things can improve our health dramatically. People's bones are even dissolving! Everyone seems to have some crippling skeletal problem going on.

Recent personal observations:

An admin with hands that look like the bones inside are dissolving. misshapen weird angled metacarpals and fingers. She does a lot of typing. Must be torture.

Neighbor boy 15 years old had a broken hip! No car accident. Just playing sports.

Male co-worker had a hip replacement at 55.
Females co-workers are all hobbling around post surgeries to knees and feet. All around 55.

Sister had major back surgery at 55.

Indian co-worker with R/O water system and doesn't eat meat had a broken rib last year.

Sister's friend who in high school was like a 6 ft tall amazon that was very very strong is now a hunched up shrunken shadow of her former self. (saw her at my other sister's funeral a while back.) She was only 45 years old and looked like she was a hundred!

I backed way off on exercise 10 years ago because I felt so bad. Energy just disappeared. Best thing I could have done at the time (exercise depletes minerals. Lots of runners drop dead at 50). I learned a few things on my own, scouring the internet and experimenting, and then watched a few of Dr. Wallach's videos on Youtube and it all made sense.
"Dead doctors don't lie".

We are just missing some key, vital nutrients that are not in your typical US foods or vitamin pills. And some foods have things in them that are very damaging to health. And we are constantly given incorrect nutritional advice and even medicated to harm us in some cases (like cholesterol lowering statins).

Well, here is the list of what I have learned so far. These are just my opinions, I am not a doctor. (That might be a good thing).

1) A huge part of our population is drinking soft water, and even R/O water. This depletes the body of minerals (ie your skeleton).

2) A huge part of our population drinks carbonated beverages. This dissolves your skeleton as well.

3) To fix this, try to drink more hard water. Supplement minerals big time. Especially magnesium. A 100% RDA magnesium pill is the size of a full pill. And I have no idea how much of this pill can be absorbed by the body. Take it anyway.
(Edit: Milk of Magnesia! when I was a kid, this was all anyone took as an antacid. Loaded with megnesium! } And learn to make bone broth. (cook bones like ribs and chicken with the skeleton with a table spoon of vinegar in a pressure cooker for an hour and a half or in a regular stew pot for 10 hours to leach the vital minerals and connective tissues into the broth so you can get them into your body. Magnesium especially is needed for your heart beat and for your energy level.
Filter to try and get the chlorine out of your water though. It competes for iodine uptake, since they are both halogens. The bastards where I live switched to using chloramines now in the water which are not removed by most filters or air exposure. Evil SOBs!

4) Supplement iodine intake to match the level in the Japanese diet (50 times more than our RDA!) The RDA is simply wrong. It is only enough to keep your thyroid from growing to the size of a football. Not enough for health. The Japanese get more iodine from their seafood based diet. They exercise much less and are way healthier than us. (I take 3 drops of Lugol's iodine a day in a glass of water). My brain function has improved dramatically. the fog lifted!
Bunch of people are on life long thyroid medicines. The thyroid needs iodine to function. You don't get enough in salt to provide enough iodine for healthy thyroid function. Especially since the idiots that be tell us not to eat salt! They want to sell you thyroid medicine for the rest of your life instead of a few bucks worth of iodine. Thyroid drugs contain iodine.

5) Don't be quite so afraid of saturated fats. fat doesn't make you fat. Carbs do. Especially wheat. Avoid margarine. (And avoid burning the fats you eat)

6) Don't be afraid of eggs. Eat a few every day. My ancestors all ate at least 3 eggs a day and lived to near 100 in decent health.

7) Salt your damn food! You need salt!

8) Minimize intake of wheat. Wheat is used to fatten cattle for a reason. It works!

9) Fructose is a poison. Just avoid it at all costs. it is in ketchup, bread, and most sweetened products. Read the label and do not buy it . Period.

10) Obviously also take a good mutlivitamin and multi mineral supplement. Get the full B vitamin group, Lots of C., get the RDA of D3.

11) Take a spoonful of elderberry syrup every other day or so in the winter to help strengthen the immune system. (Thanks again to SB for this advice).

12) Be very wary of cholesterol lowering drugs. Spend a few hours researching them before taking (or not taking them).

13) Almost forget about copper! Vital to the health of veins and the cardiovascular system. Make sure you are getting at least 100% RDA. Spider veins, Hemorrhoids, aneurisms and strokes can all be prevented for the most part. (note some people can't handle copper). Wilson's disease.

14) Be sure to get enough Niacin. Some people can't convert niacinamide to niacin. Dr. Abram Hoffer claims to have cured early Alzheimers with it in large doses. Also he claims it cured heberden's nodes. lastly it cures Raynauds super cold fingers disease.
Smart Nutrients (Dr. Morton Walker Health Book): Abram Hoffer: 9780895295620: Books

Well, that's my list. If you have other stuff on your list, tell us what you know .


This is just what I do. Use advice at your own risk. Consult your own sources to make the decisions best for you. I am not a doctor. Just me.

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nice write up. As a plumber, I have experience with R.O. water. When a system is installed, the piping must be plastic because the ro water leaches away any non-ferrous metals.
Thanks. Yes I was at a plant that had to replace the 304 stainless steel condensate return piping from a steam system after only 1 year of operation. Distilled water is THAT aggressive.

The new system injected some sort of amine to the condensate to protect the return piping. (They probably should have just used CPVC, but that is what they did. )

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i would like to know the answer to that myself.
We certainly didn't have computers or video games. and barely had a couple of crummy TV channels. We played outdoors all day long. Football, baseball, basketball, swimming, biking, hiking, digging. Always in motion. Boredom made you move to find something to do.

And there was less 'entertainment type food" back then. You ate a simple breakfast (if you were lucky), then maybe a sandwich for lunch. meals were spaced way apart. some families might go without food for a while.

We didn't have air conditioning either, so that got you out of the house as well.

So many other things have changed though. I don't know what the critical changes were. Food additives? Depleted soils? Chlorinated water? exposure to plastics and endocrine disruptors? Much more vaccinations? people used to live in towns and walk to town, walk to school. Now everyone has cars. Nobody walks much unless it is around the block. When I walked to school, it was down a small mountain that was maybe 800 ft above the town, then maybe 15 blocks. Then you had gym class at school.

Now kids are picked up by a bus at their freakin doorstep so they don't get kidnapped or something. It's crazy.

I tried to list in my first post the main things I have been able to identify. I am sure I missed a bunch of stuff. And what I listed might not even be right. Just trying to figure it out. Maybe it will help the next generation if nothing else.

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Good post! I agree, and have been taking mineral supplements ( pottasium, iodine, magnesium) plus multivitamine for a long time. I don't drink soda ( don't like it, didn't grow up with it) , and I don't eat much processed food. As far as I know I don't have any health problems that are in any way food related and I am not that young. I need to cut out the wheat. That's probably my biggest issue.
But yes, Americans as a whole are a bunch of unhealthy people, and the healthier ones eat properly.
Not sure I agree with fructose, I think it's ok as long as it is in unprocessed fruit.

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Watch any old TV shows from the 70's and notice how slim everyone was. I think people started getting fat in the 80's. What changed?
make bone broth. (cook bones like ribs and chicken with the skeleton with a table spoon of vinegar in a pressure cooker for an hour and a half
can you use a Presto pressure cooker? I ask, cuz I think it's aluminum and wonder if that would put AL into your food and body?

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Great post. I ponder what's gone wrong a lot. Nobody in my family is obese but I have a celiac kid. It woke me up to the growing spread of auto immune disorders.

I think it is a perfect storm of factors, most of which have been listed here. Let's add:

Chronic stress
Lack of vitamin D and sunlight
Indoor pollutants
Food additives
Loss of family support networks
Insufficient breastfeeding
Micronutrient deficiencies

We are a polluted people. It takes constant work to keep the junk food and sugar to a minimum in my house. Life these days is not designed for physical and mental health success.

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The progress of fat seems to me to be related to the change in eating culture. In the 1960s people rarely ate out, we drank an occasional soda but it was pretty rare, an occasional treat. And, the Coke bottles were very small, like 8 ounces in a glass bottle. The water most people drank came from wells. Most houses in the South didn't have air conditioning, at least not as I remember. There was no technology so, we played outside every day and loved it. So, we ate from the garden, canned, etc.. Basically, we got the micronutrients, exercise, drank mineral filled water, and I think that we had less stress. Even with the Cuban missile crisis, the war in Vietnam, the civil unrest and crawling under our desk so we would know what to do if the Soviets bombed us I don't remember the kind of pervading stress and fear that people have now. We lived in rural or small town America. No one I knew had a car with air conditioning. Adults worked in the gardens, walked, etc.. People read books and watched very little TV.

In the 1970s I remember that we still ate out very rarely. There was the war in Vietnam winding down, the fuel embargo, etc.. But, still not the general fear and stress of today. As that decade moved forward we ate out more and more. By the end of the 1970s McDonalds was coming on strong. We ate more chips, pizza, fast food, sodas, etc.. We still played outside everyday and got lots of exercise. Many cars still didn't have air conditioning. TV was getting better.

In the 1980s fast food was becoming the way a lot of people ate lunch every day. Fast food joints were growing on corners in nearly every small town and had invaded every city. Computers were starting to become more common and by the end of the decade there would be quite a lot of them. Most every house had air conditioning by the end of that decade. Most every car off the line came with air by the end of this decade. A whole lot of people were drinking city water and bottled water was coming on line in a big way. Video games were getting very good. Cable TV came on strong and people started spending a lot of time sitting in front of the TV.

In the 1990s technology was coming on like a freight train. People started eating out a whole lot. High fructose corn syrup is the norm. GMOs coming on real strong. Computer technology changes every day it seems. Pretty much everyone gets a cell phone. Everything has air conditioning. Kids pretty much stop playing outside unless forced. Video games, cable TV, internet all keep people indoors. Obesity becoming a crisis.

In the 21st century food barely resembles the food of 40 years earlier. Kids have a lot of reasons to sit inside and play on the internet, or with video games, etc.. Adults have facebook and forums just like this one, etc.. Meat is infested with anti-biotics, steroids, etc.. Walk around the grocery store..most of the "food" in there is junk, trash food. It's intended to be cheap to manufacture and to be salty or sugary. It offers little to no real nutritional value. My wife has serious health issues so, I do all the grocery shopping. There are entire areas of the store that contain nothing anyone should actually eat. The fruits and vegetable section equals about 5% of the floor space at the grocery. The meat section is about 3%. The chip, cookie, candy, junk cereal, soda pop, ice cream, section is about 80%.

If you want to eat semi-healthy these days it presents a real challenge. It's just not easy to do. Plus, I would argue that we are constantly dealing with very unhealthy foods designed to be addictive.

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The produce that you can buy has really changed.
A tomato used to be red soft and juicy inside. Not white green and hard as a rock.
A peach used to produce an explosion of decadent juice in your mouth and down your arm when bitten. Same with plums. Bananas used to taste like bananas!

Now fruit is harvested a month before it is ripe, so it can be cold stored for 6 months. it is then "awakened" with ethylene oxide gas to stimulate artificial ripening-rotting just before being put out for us to buy.

And corn is being genetically modified to act as its own insecticide and resist Roundup weed killer.

All milk and cheese is pasteurized. theories abound as to why this is harmful. Busting up proteins into smaller molecules that trigger immune system responses in humans. Raw milk has become public enemy #1, warranting armed gestapo raids on farmer's co-ops. Like they are busting a meth lab.

Plants are grown commercially. Fertilized with NPK. 3 nutrients in an ever worsening nutritionally depleted soil. crops used to be rotated, and soil fertilized with manure spreaders, wood ashes, and kitchen wastes. NPK is all that is needed to make the plants grow pretty. But all those life giving minerals they are supposed to contain must come from the soil. Once the soil is depleted, the plants no longer provide the nutrition that is expected.

Food is handled and prepared out of the view of the public, by entities that value only the bottom line and nothing for our health.

Various foods are rinsed with ammonia, benzene, heptane. Grandma never rinsed anything in heptane or ammonia.

It is not just our health, but the health of the next generation that is at stake. Women that are deficient in iodine, B vitamins etc give birth to children with all kinds of birth defects and terrible conditions. Tragedies that can be prevented with proper nutrition.

Then the babies are fed formula which has only a few of the many minerals necessary for health while they are being routinely injected with scores of vaccines.

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I was put on statins and after about a month I could barely walk. Got off of them and things went back to normal. It was crestor.
Risk vs benefit:

Benefit: Might lower chance of heart attack if you are male and had already had one or several heart attacks.

By how much? 1 in 200 heart attacks is avoided. Has not been linked to preventing heart attack death, just the attack itself. And only this measly number. This statistical risk you can probably counteract with an extremely small life style change. Walking 2 minutes a day or reduce your daily sugar intake with 3 teaspoons gives you better heart health than taking a statin! That is how efficient (not!) statins are.

Benefit in those never had a heart attack: Statistically NO benefit.

Benefit in women with or without prior heart attacks: NONE.

Risk: Decreased quality of life because of muscle pains. A real risk and a very common side effect.

Also this med might trigger an underlying genetic flaw that would never have shown otherwise, causing mitochondrial disease and the dreaded ALS.

Because this med disrupts nerve impulses not only in the body but in the even more sensitive brain, you might develop symptoms similar to dementia. The connection with the med might never be made and you might be put away to rot in a "home".

Myalgias (muscle pain) in some cases can lead to loss of muscle. The your muscles start withering including the heart. So the heart saving med might weaken your heart. High output failure has increased since we started using statins.

Statins shoot up blood glucose. This can cause or worsen diabetes. Diabetes is one of the biggest risks for heart disease. And yet again, this med is good for the heart?

Sorry about the preaching, but they give people this med as if it was a vitamin, like there are no dangers. And in reality, it breaks connections between cells breaks us down. Without any tangible benefits. It tees me off.
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