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What methods of delivery are these weapon able to be used in?
To generate an EMP over a large area, you need a nulcear bomb of considerable force, detonated as high up as possible. The conventional, expected means of delivery are missles: ICBMs or the kind of rocket engines used to launch satellites. Although you might be able to get similar effects by putting a bomb on a high flying jet - disguised as cargo, for instance, and put on board as freight - and POSSIBLY a high altitude balloon.

How large is the area of affect?
Depends on the size of the bomb and how high up it's set off. I have heard that three large nukes detonated in the right places over North America could cover the whole continent.

What nations possess this technology?
Russia, the U.S., China, France, England, maybe pakistan and India. North Korea and Iran, despite all the hoopla, probably are NOT capable of pulling this off. Getting a large nuke small enough to fit on top of a missle isn't easy; it was one of the great advances of the Arms Race when both the Soviets and the Americans accomplished it. And of course, NK's nukes are squibs...

What counter measures are available?
None. You can apparently harden devices to withstand an EMP, or protect them by putting them in Faraday cages that will deflect the EMP around them; but once the nuke goes off, the pulse WILL fly.

When in modern military conflict have these weapons been used?
None that I know of.

To what effect?

Is E.M.P. technology all hype?
The threat of an EMP is nothing to sneeze at. Based on what we know, it could be a crippler. How probable a EMP attack is, is open to question.
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