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Just curious about why I see these for sale at such different prices. Online I see them for anywhere between $200 and $800. That is a huge difference in price.

Specifically I wanted to trade a savage .222/20ga over under for a 12 gauge. Someone offered to trade for a "Remington 870 wingmaster with a 28"BBL chokes and extra 20" riot bbl". Now I'm trying to see if it would be an even trade or not.
I also had an offer to trade for a Mossberg, 835, 12 ga. I was wondering if that would be an even trade as well.

I know the savage is a really nice gun if you use it for what it is intended for, but I don't. I want something with a higher capacity for self defence and something I can go shoot clay pidgeons with. But I want the trade to be fair.

Thanks for any help.
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