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In late 2016 I posted a thread - 2017 new years resolutions, and talked about some of my prepping plans.

We are approaching the end of the first quarter of 2017, so let's talk about our prepping plans and how they are progressing.

Got a small garden planted. This is to inspire armchair preppers. I have squash, sunflowers, corn, potatoes, jalapeno peppers and peas planted.

Showed that decade old seeds kept in a freezer will sprout.

Larger garden disked up and ready to go.

1,000 rounds Wolf 9mm purchased.

Springfield XDM on layaway.

Three pounds bean seed purchased.

Progress on the livestock fence is going ok. Have not worked on it in couple of weeks. I had a front end loader with a grapple move a lot of brush that was in the way. I figure I am about a week behind on it.

Bought two books on canning and preserving food.

Added a dozen chicks to the flock. these are all supposed to be hens. My goal is to have around 30 - 40 chickens. This dozen will put me in my goal range.

Purchased Bianchi UM84 holster for handguns with a 4 inch barrel, thigh extender and 2 magazine pouch.

Added a couple of flashlights.

How are your prepping plans for 2017 going?

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Have started some of my veggie, herbs and flowers from seeds that are growing on heat 4-by-2 mats w/T5 grow lights that are also 4-by 2 set up in our basement.

Last week bought another one of the same grow lights and mat ( now have 3-different growing areas) these are not cheap but have had very good results so I'm sticking with it.

Building a bigger more functional chicken coop where there is enough room for all of my chickens, room for their feed, shavings, heated water bowl that will hang from the ceiling also hanging feed dish and nesting boxes, a place will be cut out on 1-side and be able to open it to just shove the litter outside for the compost to keep it clean...We just got hit yesterday with 2-ft of snow blizzard winds and my poor chickens were stuck inside their small house because I bought 9-chicks thinking my husband who told me he was going to build them a bigger coop last year and didn't.

Planting 4-mature sized Blueberry bushes that was a present from my son's.

Tripling my perennial herb gardens that I'm growing from seed.

Inoculateing logs with mushroom spores.

Digging up more ramps that grow near our property and replanting them in our back woods.

Have been layering cardboard down in layers with grass clippings last year in a unused area to start another garden area...the worms love it too!

I have 6-brand new Earthboxes that I got a couple years that will get used this year.

Filling my greenhouse this year..every year I've had trouble with mice eating my starts so this year I set traps in hopes that I can kill them all and not worry that all my hard work is not wasted.

Hoping that dh runs electric to my greenhouse that would be friggin awesome!

I guess that's it..I have been at our edible landscape going on 9-yrs now and pretty much have filled in every area that my dh will let me with fruit trees, berry bushes, raised beds, chickens, medicinal etc.

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My main resolution was to avoid the dirt nap. Been succeeding in that, so far. :thumb:

Bad weather is keeping me from doing as much outside as I would like, and SAD is slowing me down from doing much indoor. I've made some progress stocking up LTS food and planning what to put in the garden this year; but otherwise, not a lot to show for the first quarter, survivalist wise.

Hopefully the universe doesn't implode before I'm ready. :D:

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It is getting harder for me to keep my garden up, and so I got my son to help me set up 2 raised beds. One is completely built and mostly filled, and the other just needs a lot more fill.

I hope to get the one bed planted this weekend. The other bed can wait a bit.

I also got my new very dwarf cherry tree from Raintree nursery and we also got that planted.

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I replaced my old GHB that was wearing out, picked up a backup pistol to my EDC, added a couple more water filtration devices, added a couple more 55 gal storage containers for fresh water, picked up a little more PM, replaced a worn out rain poncho, got another pair of good boots, adjusted some investments to get a better return for retirement purposes, and most importantly started a new business.

Next quarter my goal is to acquire some land for future homesteading.

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I appreciate guys like you. I've been so busy time runs away from me and I lose track. When you ask about progress it brings the urgency back to me.
Very little progress this first quarter, going to make up for it the second one

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Well, I hadn't posted any "resolutions" in the other threads, since I don't DO resolutions; however, I HAVE made plans as to "projects" for this year. So, for progress, here's where I stand:

1. Have the post stakes in for the stable
2. Have the wood on the framing for the greenhouse up, most of the roof up, and the doorway framed in
3. Have 2 of the new garden beds framed and filled.
4. Made arrangements to get a goat buckling (will pick up next month) to add to the others
5. Got 2 bills paid off, and closing in on a few others (should have them paid off within a few months)
6. Adding to the "cash stash" and PMs every payday.

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-Got a great garden going.
-Been canning meat until the garden is producing.
-Been dehydrating vegetables and fruit.
-Been Mylar-bagging dry goods every couple of weeks.
-Just finished updating inventory documents.
-Laid in more bottled water.
-Prepared some small caches.
-Mentally preparing (reading a lot, scoping out things/resources around the area that are typically overlooked)
-More guns & ammo.
-Carefully reaching out to like-minded people.

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Every year I make up a list of things to get done, skills to gain or practice, purchases to make, and the like and set them up in sort of a calendar format of stuff to do each month of the next year.

Largely because of the time I have spent recovering from illness, and the money the time off work has cost me, I am not as far along as I would like to be.

There are some areas of my schedule where I am ahead (certain things I could do while ill or that required no money investment) and others where I am behind.

All in all, I am mostly just hoping to do better this year than last.
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Doing okay.
-The planters are built and ready. The chickens are laying.
-Swapped out the bugout .22 rifle for a .22 target pistol.
-Verified zero on all weapons.
-Have the vehicle GHBs in waterproof containers.

Still need to reinventory and reorganize some stuff.
Need to do something about drainage of the backyard.
Need to lose a little weight around the belly.
Got new glasses, kept 2 old pairs as backups.

No real plans for new gear.

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-Added another case of canned bacon. It's $9 a can now and I got a little discount to get 12 cans. I think I'm up to over 80 cans now.

-Added 1000 rounds of 9mm, bought another 9mm pistol with plan to buy another this spring (probably glock)

-I plan on adding ammo 9mm ammo soon, I'm going to buy the deal with the military can style to get a little discount. I think they hold 1000 rounds each.

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I just checked both of mine off my list. These have been long term goals, many years in the making.

On March 13 I became debt free. House and homestead all paid for, the kids college debt all paid for. Cars, trucks, homestead equipment all paid for. 33 years in the making, with the last 3 years putting every dime to free me from being a slave to the bank, and to equipping our family home and the homestead I purchased 3 years ago to be relatively self sufficient. I still have lots of prepping work to do, but I have a plan.

On March 15, I accepted a new job that will give me freedom and a damn good paycheck for many hours a week less work than my current job.

On March 16 I gave a two month notice to step down from a job and role that I loved and devoted 33 years to. But the job was all consuming and controlled so much of my life where I have literally been on call 365 days a year for more than a decade. I have recruited my successor and look forward to handing the keys to the company over to him.

In 2 months I'll have the opportunity to finally start the transition to full time homesteading. At 56, I still have professional work left in me, but it's on my terms now since I am no longer a slave to debt or to a corporation. My new position gives me the freedom to focus as much as I want towards this goal. :thumb:

My new goal for 2017 is to finally take the time to study and pass the technician ham exam, improve my rainwater collection system, double the size of our garden, and rebuild my shelving system before all my stuff comes crashing down. And I'm taking a two week vacation in May.

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Currently stalled.

Family duties of the caring for others is sucking up my free time.

The weather is uncooperative.
No early start to outside work.

Money is still tight. (As usual )

The "to do" list keeps getting longer.

Pantry needs to be restocked
Spring cleaning needs to commence in earnest.
Winter deadfall cleanup
Garden needs to be turned (when snow melts)
Chainsaw repaired (again)
Driveway needs regrading
Paint the house and shed
Repair the deck
Stock up on fuel
Sight in 2nd AR15
Work up patrol kit
Lose some weight and quit smoking (again)

Better stop typing and get to it.
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