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Saw this being offered at Sportsmans Guide and thought it could be a pretty nifty thing to have around.

One of the biggest conveniences I could see losing in a shtf scenario is the ease and comfort of hot water readily available. I know you can always heat it up on a fire or such, but that can be a chore initself when your wanting to take a shower or just have hot water to clean dishes or such.

Anyways, this is made to work from a hose, however, it would not take to much tinkering to rig something up from a water source and a manually operated pump with an adapter to use a hose to feed this water.

You also need a LP tank which may prove the most limiting feature of this item. However, I would imagine most BOL would have some LP tanks stored up. Id much rather make a fire for cooking, and use my LP once in awhile for a nice hot shower, and I know my wife certainly would.

It also requires 2 aa batteris for ignition.

Anyways take a gander if you like. It is certainly a convenience, but one that could be GREATLY valued I would think.
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