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I have 3 horses and if worse came to worse, we could pack them up and ride them to our bug out location (we plan on bugging in). Anyone else planning on using horses?? and if so, any ideas?
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I have 4 horses and a mule. I don't plan on "bugging out" at all for 99.9 % of situations. But If I do have to move, I can take them out the back pasture and be in the national forest in under 3 miles.
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Actually that's a bad idea for anyone who doesn't know anything about horses to begin with.

So, be sure and get a breeding pair and a plan to develop a herd for trading purposes. Given just a few pairs and some reasonable luck, you'll go from two to 5 or 10 in just a few seasons.
most people who ALREADY own horses before SHTF know these things. And they know that having "breeding Pairs' isn't all that good either in many cases. Horse market down, hay prices up etc. You can always find someone else with the other half of a breeding pair if you need it, but one individual doesn't NEED breeding stock in the first place because that opens a whole new can of worms with foaling and training and other factors.

In one sense, yes it is bad for new horse owners -- but then again, horses tend to breed in nature without much help! I certainly would not recommend green horses get horses just for this purpose; I only mention it as it pertains to people who are making them part of survival plans. In that case, it's rather obvious that breeding population matters. Presumably you'd get training and know-how before the SHTF. If not, OJT from a book and an old-timer will suffice.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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