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Which state is best to homestead and be self-sufficient?
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Nomad hit it pretty close.

There are a lot of very good places to homestead with assurance of sustainability. There is a real problem with being disrupted by people in about 99% of these. I will say without a doubt that there is a region in every single state where one can build a sustainable homestead. By the same token there are regions in every single state where you likely will have a people problem.

The practicality of being able to choose just any state to live in is likely not possible unless you are independently wealthy already so think more along the lines on how you can reach sustainability and defend/avoid in regards to people wherever you are at or choose to be. The key is how resourceful and skilled (plus personal preference) you are rather than the particular state you might choose (and where you can make a living while building a sustainable homestead) . Now remember that is a general rule, some places obviously have hordes of unprepared people who WILL be a problem.

Also I've been in every state (50), most multiple times, most of Canada (except Maritimes) and much of Mexico (north of Mexico City).
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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