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Back when I was younger, me and my cousin took a crap lawn mower and turned it into a tractor. We placed a three point hitch on it that operated by a hydraulic pump (the fluid sat in a small tank attached to the front of the tractor). We placed a smoke stack exhaust pipe on it and a two inch lift kit. The back tires were partially filled with water.

We had the following attachments to it (which was pretty much every attachment we could build):
6 disk harrower
2 blade plow
trailer hitch
hard metal rake
net rake
bush hog (by taking the deck and placing a 5hp motor on it)
dozer blade for the front

This thing was a beast. We pretty much built it just for the sake of saying we did, but the individual functions worked great for a garden. Most of the stuff we used was scrap metal, so the cost was pretty low.

The reason I am saying this is because I've gotten approval from the Misses to replicate this with our riding lawn mower. You see, in the summer time, I plan on making us a garden and explained to her that having a tractor would be so much better than using hand tools (which was my excuse for being able to replicate it, since I've actually been looking for a reason to do so since we've been married).

I don't plan on going as extravagant as the first model, though. It will be manually operated rather than hydraulically operated. All of the attachments may come if the need were to ever arise, but as of now, I just plan on having a couple of them. When it is completed (and work should begin within the next couple of weeks), I will be sure to make a picture of it.

Has anyone else ever done something like this? I know I was inspired to do this from my old Ag teacher back in high school, so I'm not the only one.
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