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Here are some ideas that I have on home security / bug out location. Some I use and some I will be using in the future.
What are your ideas / what are you using?

Window security film
It can also be added on your car windows.

-Bars on lower level windows (sometimes ugly but very effective)
-There are alarm systems that don't call the alarm company but call your cell phone and let you hear what's going on
-This system uses sensors that let you know where someone is on your property
-Wireless battery operated door / window alarms
-Good lighting
-Sliding security gates
-Bumpkey resistant locks

In the event of bugging in or everyday security, I think a lot of these things above would give an upper hand to those who have them. I think that these things also create barriers that work together very effectively.

What ideas do you have? What things do you have in use?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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