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These are some I have built.
The first picture is a spring assist door and is 4'hx4'wx8l' door is 3.5'h x 2.5'w, and is set with a trip stick at the rear of the trap where i pour the sour mixture over the stick and they root around and trip it (most caught at a time 9).
The second picture is a push door that only opens to the inside and is also 4x4x8 with a 3'x2.5' door. I built skids for it and a tow hitch to slip over a trailer ball on an ATV for easy moving (most caught at one time 2, i got off my lease before i got to use them to much).
The third and forth pictures are not myne as it is in use but they are from the site where it took the idea. They are removable panels that you build 4'hx8'l and add as many as you need together. The door is a push trap door and messures 2'hx3'l. Its in the field and we use in alot (most caught at one time 4).
These are some of the traps i have made and i have a total of about 10-11 that are spread out around the SET area because everyone wants to use one. I have also sold them for $350each and made a pretty little penny as i have sold maybe 8-10 traps of 1.5years. I stopped building them when i started my new job but am thinking of getting back into it. I can build one fully functional trap in about 2-2.5 hours without any help, with help i can do it in about a hour. The doors are always the hardest part.


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