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This is a post I am adding from the watching History channel thread.
If anyone watched the raw footage and listened to the 911 calls for help...
This is what I learned from that. The 911 op. were telling folks to stay in their office, or sit tight till rescue comes to get them. I know they were doing what THEY thought was best....HOWEVER....with that type of SHTF, you are really on your own. I always assess the situation, and take action.
I know each of us respond different with stress and tragedy/shock. Some folks figured either they were going to burn, or was facing death all around and jumped {hard to watch that} but the ones thats could get out was putting the decision on their lives on rescue.
I hope that never happens again, which I think a plane hitting us won't, BUT a dirty bomb or suicide bomb is likely. The rescue teams are going to be overwhelmed just like 911. They have to mobilize, assess the situation, and set up staging area.....It's up to YOU to get out and get to a safe location, yes there will be dead body's, horrible gore and people screaming like you've never heard, people grabbing at you with missing body parts wanting you to help. You HAVE to stay focused and alert. I hope I never face that, but at the same time hope I'll handle it too. Don't wait for help, you become the leader, take action and guide those that are ok to safety. If you feel you can help those that are injured and not risk loosing your life or others, then by all means help. If you would sacrifice your life to helping..god bless you.
Sorry I was a little moved with that footage and I know it's easy to sit here on my computer saying I'd do this or I'd do that....but at the same time I WOULDn"T just wait for help...
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