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Hide tanning

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I did have a recipe for tanning hides. I cannot find it! I know there is a way to use the animal's brain and other ways to tan can anyone put up the different wayt of tan hides and how to make them soft.
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BrowserCat...the least you could do is use the same url each time! :rolleyes:

Beachbummer, don't know if you've hit the 'Survival Files' section here on the boards which just so happens to have a file on tanning a deer hide. It's available here

It covers Deerskin (leaving the hair on) and Buckskin (deerskin with the hair removed). It does cover 'Brain Tanning' on page 5.

Hope that helps.

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It's just brains and water, nothing too complicated.

Just make sure not to use brains that are to scrambled
or filled with blood. It will ruin your hide.

Most hides you want to soak if you're trying to take
the hair out. For smaller hides if you just want to dry
them out, regular table salt works fine. Salt it thoroughly,
and as it leeches keep covering with more salt until the
leeching stops. It's not hard at all, my daughter just
did "Bunny Foo Foo" the other day with iodized salt.
Tanning animals hides using brain called brain tan.
You must know good what are you doing to get descent product.
I consulted often "Deerskins into Buckskins" By Matt Richards when i tanned my first hide , and it turned out very well
check his web site , there you can find full of good articles and forum dedicated to brain tan
other good source
buckskin clothes will stand few years of hard daily use , the best combination its wool and buckskin . wool for warmth , and buckskin are windproof
Hate to hijack a thread HOWEVER any good ideas for 'gator hide. It would make for a really tough covering I would think. South Ga and FLA is full of them and they would come in handy.
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You can also check into "Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness" by John and Geri McPherson, they have a good chapter on brain tanning.
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