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Welcome Much to learn here. Things to ponder follow:

Have a BOL?

Self-sufficient? Garden? Stored food?

Reload? Cast bullets? Practice with your firearms?

Practice permaculture? Gather wild foods?
Thanks for the welcome!
As I mentioned earlier, we have a strong interest, but we've only taken baby steps toward preparation. thats why I am interested in this forum, as an opportunity to learn and grow more prepared.

Excuse the ignorance, but what is a BOL?

we are headed toward self sufficiency, not there yet.
we do garden, and preserve/can food.
i did recently go in halves with a good friend on buying out a guys complete reloading bench. we have enough dies and supplies to reload about 20 different calibers, plus 3 presses. I want to get a shotshell press also. we practice marksmanship in our back yard. we shoot skeet off our back porch, and we have several dirt banks to target shoot into.
I am interested, and researching, but not presently practicing permaculture.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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