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I'm Mike and I got to see your fantastic website by responding to a blog about PE Obama's disputed birth certificate-least said about that the better, let SCOTUS deal with would-be POTUS!
Anyway, looks like you have a good project in preparing for the uncertain years ahead. Survival is the name of the game and I need to learn skills that one gets from life. I was brought up at the end of WW2 in the north of England in a rural setting. I have some beautiful memories of the life which seemed freer in those days. Food was rationed, but what you got was nutritious and wholesome; my mother could produce really tasty dishes, as if by magic. My dad had a 12 gauge shotgun which I got to use as a young teenager. I still remember how difficult it was to pull back the hammers with cold hands on winter's days. He got a hammerless one and that solved that problem! But I used to shoot in the fields of the farms close to where I lived and nobody thought anything of it- except if you went shooting on Christmas day........ I was a marksman in the RAF with the good old Lee Enfield and Bren gun.....

I was in India for a month just recently where I noticed that the soldiers are issued with an assault rifle that looks like an AK-47; but it's an INSAS and their own version look-alike.
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