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I don't really think of myself as a survivalist, but after reading many posts I see that I am probably defining the term far to narrowly.

I grew up in the country, hunting since I was 6 and fishing before that. Raising our own food was just part of life where I lived. Not something that set us apart. Until I turned 18, being in the woods or on the river was my main preoccupation. At 18 I joined the Navy and stayed for 24 years, retiring in 1999.

I now have a second career with the American Red Cross, working in disaster services. On Large National operations I serve as Deputy Director of operations and sometimes Director on smaller operations. My secondary activity is Government Liaison. In the last few years I have been assigned to disasters in California, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida as well as a few hurricanes and regional tornadoes.

On a more local basis, I am the Emergency Services Coordinator for my area. My function here is to develop response capacity, train responders, coordinate local relief efforts and develop community disaster preparedness.

I am a disaster instructor for the red cross as well as a CERT instructor. I also teach Wilderness and Remote First Aid.

I consider myself an outdoorsman, spending much of my free time on the creeks and rivers in my kayak or just camping with the family. After a long lull after Desert Storm, I am finally shooting again. I'll never catch up to my son in law who is a swat sniper but if I keep improving he'll have to work to keep his lead!

I don't have a bunker dug in the back yard but I do keep enough supplies that we will be okay for a good period of time. One of the things I always stress when speaking to groups or individuals is that THEY are responsible for their own survival. Don't count on the government or the Red Cross or anyone else for immediate help. Plan to be own your own for a significant period of time. Three days at a minimum, Five being better.

Don't know if any of this makes me a survivorist or not. I do know that you have some interesting forums about topics of interest to me. I look forward to getting to know the forum and it's members.

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Welcome from southeastern coastal NC
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Hey y'all,

I currently live in NW Georgia, but if worse comes to worse in the next few years I want to take myself and my family to somewhere that is safe, organized with a group of people that know what they are doing. I have my own supplies, (food, camping gear, water, ammo, guns, etc...) and would stand a better chance of surviving a worse case scenerio with others that are prepared and know how to handle emergiences. I am serious about wanting to get together with a survival group and being preparded when and if a national disaster hits.

Please respond if you can help me out,


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