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I'm a 40 year old married guy and have quite a few kids, I have a full time job, a house and two acres of land.
I'm concerned about providing for my family in case of natural or man made disasters. I dont know why all of the sudden I feel this way but I'd rather not see my kids starve if something bad happens and our society collapses.
I'm here to learn as I have nothing really to offer..

i'd like to learn about food storage and the like..are those foods that are good for 25 years really worth the money or would I be better stocking cans.

Weapons and small unit warefare tactics ... told you I have quite a few kids

Emergency medicine and what to have on hand

What are the best places to aquire gear, weapons and food

and there's stuff that I bet that I have no knowledge of but would be essential to know.

Well that's about it for now. Thanks.

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welcome from tennessee
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