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Hey from Germany

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Hey guys,

im new in here but not new to survival and stuff. Im from germany 22years old.
I want to help with my knowledge as good as possible.

My english isnt that good but im trying and want to learn more:)

any questions?

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Welcome from the Phx area X4

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got a year of Stored Food! My Garden is grwoing half of my vegetables come from it. Surely got a BOL but no BOV:(
Guns arent allowed in EU Germany^^ coudnt find one till now :(

But got Crossbows and a Recurve Bow and im fully trained with them.

To President Obama: I dont know all of his politics but most germans like him.
Germany is on of the economyleading countrys in EU so we got only 2% of jobless people.

The only trouble on the horizon is our money. Because of greek the Euro could become worthless that could be a big problem :/
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