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I'm from Xenia ohio, we gotta be tough out here and adapt because we get wrecked by tornatoes a lot. My grandpa got sucked up into the big one 40 years a go and no one never say him again. i go huntin and fishtin a lot so i think i could live out on my own a lot. i practiced a lot makin huts and structures for shelters and i think i done a good job with a lot of it. i took some pictures but i can't put them on the internet good because i only use the computer at the library and they don't have a scanner here. my uncle used his digital camera to take my picture if your wonderin how i got it on here. anybody else here from ohio i'd love to go out camping somtime but with none of the sissy tents you go buy i wanna do it the real way statin fires with sticks and things. once i cut down a whole timber tree with a hatchet axe and burned it all night kept me warm. message me on here if you want to camp it maybe a while before i replie cause i onlu get on the computer once a week orsoe.

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