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retreat treasure

I own the place and I have it for sale. Check the thread about having an extra retreat for sale-Heck I'll just repeat it here.
I have two retreats and will sell the best one because the other one is close the kids and we are getting older. The best one is on 83 acres with a large 2 bedroom all concrete underground home. Old loft type barn, chicken house, about half timber. The house has a large living room, formal dining room, 2 baths, wood heat, reloading/shop room, utility room, large porch. This is what most folks say they want and what I used to look for. It's secluded yet only 5 miles to a small town-400 population-11 miles to a very prosperous county seat town on I-44 and 30 miles from Springfield, MO which has major medical centers and about anything you want to buy. This place was built in 1978 by one of us-a survivalist that is. He died 4 years ago and I have the place now but like I said I have a pretty good one close to the kids. There have to be lots of folks that would love to have this place if they only knew about it. Do you guys know other sites where I could put this information? Here is where you can see some pictures of the place. By the way the price is $219,900
It's at the bottom of that page
The old fellow that had this place didn't trust the government or banks. He had quite a lot of money buried on the place and he left a map. I only found two of the places on the map. They contained $38,000 in gold, silver, and $100 dollar bills. There is more there but I can't find it. I will post some pictures on here of us digging and recovering the money. It was great fun, we were like a bunch of kids. It was something you always dream about but NEVER expect to experience. Lots of folks know about it but this is the first time I have mentioned it on the internet. A copy of the maps-there are two-will go with the place when it sells. One is dated 1997 and the other is 1999.
Unfortunately I only got 10% of the money for helping find it and digging it up. His brother got the money. What is left is mine as I own the place and his brother gave up on finding it. He had a stroke and lives on the west coast. I don't have the pictures on this computer as it is new and I don't know much about it but I will try to get them on my Picasa site so everyone can see them. I will continue this story later.

The money wasn't old. I will post the maps as soon as I find the pictures of them.
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