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nice collection sticks, I bought a non serated folder after your explination way back when..

gonna PM you about in a day or so with a question..

one of your knives looks very dull it wont cut....but it looks like it'll make a nice lil hole ;) does it have a holster.....I mean sheath ;)

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Nice tools you got there Sticks!!

Schrade missing?
Which of the folders do you prefer? For me unless its a multi tool like my SAK I cant find anything I prefer over the opinel, its only reason I ask :thumb:
the case moose.:thumb:


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Scosmo and tugger im sorry for the response i gave,i was having a bad day and didn't see the funny side.

Ive deleted my posts and gave my self a good telling off.:xeye:
Really, no problem at all sticks.

For some reason, I've always been under the impression that teak was fairly soft, though quite waterproof. Not what I would think suitable for a chopper's handle. Did a quick look at Wikipedia (which has greatly reduced my ignorance in many areas) and see that the teak I've experienced has always been new growth, which isn't as hard. Seriously, the stuff I've seen was kiln-dried, but soft enough you could make scratches with your thumbnail. Used to work in the lumber industry, but in mid-continental US, so not a lot of teak floating around except at the lakes.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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