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well it looks like the 85B --no wait 110B -- uh wrong again 140B aint enough fer A.I.G
and the bail for little 3 may be 125B? WTF
folks they are gonna have ta steal all tha 401s and pension funds just ta pay interest on this garbage.
oh wait ---- I fergot we got a 700B to 1T stimulus coming.

well we are gittin what we asked for and deserve for sendin 90+% of these morons back ---- to those of you who did --- thanks fer nuthin
nuthin left in mine, my kids or my grandkids wallets.
and tha coming splat.,gs
Black Hole AIG Needs Another $10 Billion
The $10 billion in other IOUs stems from market wagers that weren't contracts to protect securities held by banks or other investors against default. Rather, they are from AIG's exposures to speculative investments, which were essentially bets on the performance of bundles of derivatives linked to subprime mortgages, commercial real-estate bonds and corporate bonds.
The $15 billion for GM and Chrysler falls far short of the $28 billion the two companies say they need. And it's a good bet even that is a low-ball figure. Mark Zandi of Moody's told Congress that if the Detroit 3, including Ford, maintain their combined market share of about 50 percent, then the car companies will require about $75 billion in government aid. If their market share shrinks to 40 percent and they sell fewer cars, it could cost $125 billion. It's extremely unlikely that GM and Chrysler will be able to stop burning cash anytime soon, especially with the car market expected to be even worse in 2009 than in 2008. That means the automakers will be back asking for more, probably a lot more.
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