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As a professional trapper up here in norther British Columbia, I would say that you would die in the wilderness using those techniques. My advise is to learn actual techniques used by profesionals. Check out
I also have a decade of experience trapping fur. I was a teenage farm kid at the time, not really a professional.

I agree that most folks would be unable to secure significant game using deadfalls due to their inexperience in judging where to put them, and the amount of work that goes into building them.

If you need to feed your self a couple of days, carry MREs.

If you need to feed your self a more than one week, carry some freeze dried meals, a fishing rod, a 22 LR pistol, and several steel traps and snares.

If you need to feed your self for a month or more, carry as much food as you can carry, a full fishing kit, 22 LR pistol, and at least two dozen steel traps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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