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Help!? --storing and using grain

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I just finally finished storing Wheat and Oats in mylar bags/5gal.buckets.

I bought 50lb bags of both from a local feed store. Both were whole grain and I even called the mfg. to make sure no chemicals were used and that they were good for human consumption. The mfg.s assured me they were chemical free and good for human consumption. They also could be sprouted if need be.

So I loaded them into buckets from Home Depot, which were Type 2 HDPE food grade incidentally, w/ lids for $2.78 each. I only needed 5 for this beginning round.

I put in two 1500cc oxy. aborbers, one in the bottom and the other at the top. Then sealed the mylars with a hot clothes iron while holding the bags over a strip of metal and ironing across to form a seal.

I got this method from the this board and the youtube videos.

But now what? Could ya'll answer some dumb questions since I'm new at this and some other threads recently touched a little bit on this, but not from this perspective.

1) Can oats be eaten while in whole grain form or must it be boiled or in what other ways can it be transformed to be eaten? --it don't look like Quaker Oats!?? lol --why not?
2) What is rolling oats mean? how is it done?
2) What are some ways Wheat can be eaten and used?
3) Do I need a grinder? If so, can somebody recommend a decent one at a reasonable price? Preferably hand powered?
4) What other grains, flakes or whatever would be a good staple product to store long term?

Thanks for any help.
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Wow -- all these posts are fantastic. Some of it takes me back in time a bit. My mother (God rest her soul) used to make homemade rootbeer all the time - but I think it fermented sometimes- 'cause it was extra good then ;)
Thanks to everyone.
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