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Yep, I'm sneaky.
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Next week I will have access to a canner and a few empty #10 Cans. I have two boys, a six month old and one year old ( yeah I know the math on that doesn't work).
I am sure we can pretty much all agree that 10-15 years down the road our world is going to be a pretty different place. I am pretty convinced we will see an economic crash.

I have decided to put a few things in a can for each boy to open 15ish years from now, and thought you all might have some good ideas.

So far I have gotten:

1000 rounds of 22LR
Extra magazine for their 22 rifle
1 silver dollar
roll of nickels
a few pages from a newspaper of the day they were born.

What Else?
I would have loved opening one of these on christmas morning when I was 14.

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Ya I would make a time capsule out of pvc pipe instead of using a can. The pvc will be water proof, leak proof and detector proof. I rink I would throw in a 1 oz silver boullion silver eagle in each one. I gave not given thought to time capsules but I have been thinking about what I would store in survival caches. Maybe a pocket watch.
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