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I'm a middle aged bald guy from West Virginia. I have always thought it would be good to be able to go at least a month without electric/water/gas/transportation just in the unlikely event something happens.

I find reading the forum very interesting and informative and is a relief to see others think its a good idea also. Some people make fun of the Mormons with there 1 year of food supply, but I got a feeling if something happens, they won't be laughing. :)

So far I have nothing in the way of emergency supplies/food. But everyone's got to start somewhere.

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Welcome to the forum.

Things to ponder follow:

Have a BOL? (If needed)

Self-sufficient? Garden? Have garden tools? Store food-wheat, beans, etc.?

Heat with renewable fuels? Have firewood cutting tools?

Own a rifle? Reload? Cast bullets? Hunt? Fish? Have the equipment and supplies?

Homebrewing? Can food? Have the equipment?

Practice permaculture? Gather wild foods?

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Here is some answers to HOZ questions to ponder:

1. Have a BOL? (If needed) No
2. Self-sufficient? No
3. Garden? No
4. Have garden tools? Yes, due to some flowers I take care of.
5. Store food-wheat, beans, etc.? No.
6. Heat with renewable fuels? Yes. Have wood fireplace and firewood (I don't really heat with them in normal circumstances (heat pump), but can if needed.
7. Have firewood cutting tools? Some.
8. Own a rifle? No, but do own shotgun and pistol.
9. Reload? No.
10. Cast bullets? No.
11. Hunt? No.
12. Fish? Have the equipment and supplies? NO. Some supplies.
13. Homebrewing? No. (not sure how making beer would help with survival?)
14. Can food? Have the equipment? No. No. (want to work on this one)
15. Practice permaculture? No
16. Gather wild foods? No.
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