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hello from W.Tn.

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Interested in surviving the uglyness that seems to be comming from everywhere. I don't expect the "buisness as usual" politics of both parties to make things get any better in any way. I expect things to get alot worse & have been trying to become as self sufficient as possable. I raise chickens & hope to get goats soon.

interested in picking the brains of other like minded folks & perhaps meeting people in my area looking to barter/network or just B.S. over a fermented beverage or two.

I love a good conspiracy theory but, try not to get too caught up in any of them. Clearly "we the people" are being lied to but, I don't claim to know the answers. feel free to tell me what you THINK is going on but, don't get upset if I don't jump on board. God bless America & DEATH to her enemies, foreign & domestic.
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