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hello from W.Tn.

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Interested in surviving the uglyness that seems to be comming from everywhere. I don't expect the "buisness as usual" politics of both parties to make things get any better in any way. I expect things to get alot worse & have been trying to become as self sufficient as possable. I raise chickens & hope to get goats soon.

interested in picking the brains of other like minded folks & perhaps meeting people in my area looking to barter/network or just B.S. over a fermented beverage or two.

I love a good conspiracy theory but, try not to get too caught up in any of them. Clearly "we the people" are being lied to but, I don't claim to know the answers. feel free to tell me what you THINK is going on but, don't get upset if I don't jump on board. God bless America & DEATH to her enemies, foreign & domestic.
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I just joined the board too. I envy your location in W. TN. I think you are going to have an easy time finding like-minded folks in your area. I don't think there are very many conspiracies either, but I am sure there are some. I don't blame the President or people currently in office for our predicament here in the U.S. The things that happened with the national debt sprung from many politicians starting in the cold war era and becoming consequential during the financial meltdown of 2008. It's taken on a life of its own now that it's so large. The only tools they have to deal with it are reactionary and ad hoc rather than proactive.
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