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Hey everybody, I've been a survivalist for a year know, I've been backpacking since I could walk, and I strongly believe in preparing for the unknown.

I live in san clemente which is the southern tip of orange county, i live 5 miles from a nuclear reactor, I have LA and heavily populated metropolis's to my north, the desolate mojave desert and beautiful sierra mountains to the east, to the west is the pacific ocean, and to the south is a massive marine base (camp pendleton) and then San Diego, another huge city.

The Mojave is a pretty obvious BOL (for the masses) as well as the ocean, and there are a lot of people within a hundred mile radius of me. basically I'm going to Bug-in if tshtf

I apologize if I'm using an acronym that's not used just give me a PM to let me know. I used to be at ZS and just thought it was time for a new forum
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