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Hello from Readinesslinks

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Hi Kev and everyone,

I have been a youtuber for over a year and a subscriber to Kevin's channel.
I live in western Wisconsin and do not follow or like football so please do not ask about Brett Favre. I spent 8 years in the army national guard in supply, armorrer and finally NBC specialist.
I like camping as long as there isn't electricity or internet service. I like to shoot, hunt, fish, etc.

I haven't made any videos for a while due to the extreme cold of the north but will as soon as I can.

Readinesslinks (Jay):eek:
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welcome from Central Il. " no football " got it! LOL I feel the same.
Hello Jay = Welcome to the Forum.

Will "You" be ready....when the discharged solid matter, comes in direct contact with the circular rotating Paddles?
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Howdy Jay,

Welcome to the forum from Northern California.

Thank you for your service
Welcome from New England. We're glad you found us! :)
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