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Hello from NC

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Hey all! I'm Suzanne from NC. I'm new to the "survivalist" world but have quickly fallen down the rabbit hole. I'm in a "prepper" frame of mind when it comes to food, etc but also know it's going to take protection to keep my hard work safe. Just went to the gun range for the first time last week and loved it. Planning on going back again soon but think I have my ideal gun picked out. I'm also focusing on learning back to basics skills-know how to make butter, cheese, bread, soap, etc and am always looking out for new classes! Happy to have found y'all and hope to learn a lot! Any tips or advice is appreciated!
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Yep! Have that one in my collection. I'm quite the bookie and have gotten most of my knowledge from my shtf collection! The encyc of country living is a good one too but I sort of picked a skill and then purchased more in-depth books for some of them. (cheese making is covered but not as detailed as I'd like, et) some sections of those two books answered my questions just fine :)

Rncmomx2- I haven't managed to sort through most of the forum yet but I'm assuming a thread/room on here? I'll keep an eye out! Thanks!
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