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Hi all,

I mainly joined because I am looking for an upland game bird vest pattern to make a vest for hunting with my terriers. Does anyone know of a pattern? I get asked all the time to re-produce a vest that someone else had made years ago and quit making. I sew alot. If anyone here could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for any help or advice as I have spent the past two days going over patterns on line and in the fabric stores here. Gads. I have given up.


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Welcome to the forum.

Things to ponder follow:

Have a BOL? (If needed)

Self-sufficient? Garden? Have garden tools? Store food-wheat, beans, etc.?

Heat with renewable fuels? Have firewood cutting tools?

Own a rifle? Reload? Cast bullets? Hunt? Fish? Have the equipment and supplies?

Homebrewing? Can food? Have the equipment?

Practice permaculture? Gather wild foods?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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