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Let's see here,
I have been lurking around on this board for several months now and have seen many interesting and informative discussions. Now to give you some background on me.
I have a B.S. degree in Anthropology
I was in in the Air Force for 3 years before going Air Guard for 18 years. My career field in the guard was disaster preparedness. I retired from the military 2 yrs ago. The career field involved preping the military for war time and peace time disasters. I conducted Nuclear, Biological, Chemical defensive training.
This past year as a hobby I have been studying local wild plants for edible, medicinal, and other uses.
I have always since youth been interested in wilderness living but don't have much experience with camping or outdoor living. All the times that I have ever camped out can be counted on one hand. This past summer I attended a local edible, medicinal plant ID week long course. I have been doing plant ID and sampling at my own leisure all year now. I have owned the SAS Survival guide for almost twenty years now. My philosophy prior to this year was that if I needed to I could go out into the woods with a book if I needed to and was shocked to find out that there is alot of skills to master and that its not just knowledge. I have been expermenting with the fish bottle trap recently. Enough about me for now. Hello everybody.
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