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Not a whole lot to say. Lurked for sometime off and on. I got into preparedness because I drive a truck for a living and wanted my family to have at least some basics if something happened while I was gone. I'm set in my truck as long as I can get diesel. :D: I do carry a BoB with me in the truck, though no firearm so please don't shoot me and steal my stuff. :eek: (I'm not without means of protection though, so watch out) :thumb:

My kids both have fairly large fanny pack BoBs and my wife is in charge of the household BoB. The BoBs are set up for just short time needs like a tornado or power outage. As long as the house does not blow away they should be OK for couple/three days. :thumb:

Just saying hi and hoping to learn new things and maybe even contributing to the forum/community.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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