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I recently found this site after looking at Youtube videos of Mossberg 590 shotguns. I have one so I was looking for a particular item to go with it, and I've been putting off the search for nearly a year now.

I frequently view another popular "survival" forum, and I use this same screen name. Give me enough time, and I'll load the same avatar if avatars are permissible here. I'm still sorting thru the lengthy rules.

My background is rather diverse. I'm a 26 year old, single guy with entirely too much time on his hands. Growing up in the south I'm used to outdoor pursuits and firearms so nothing in that arena is new to me. In high school I worked at a hunting and outdoor supply store. After graduating college I became a high school teacher specializing in anatomy, biology, and earth science with a short stint teaching chemistry. I did that for two years while working off and on as a paramedic on a part-time basis. Thrown into all of this was six years of working with perhaps the best (I don't exaggerate) volunteer fire department in the state. I left academics and entered into the field of law enforcement, and after a year with a sheriff's office and another year with an aggressive, urban police department I became a ranger which encompasses law enforcement, the paramedic thing, outdoorsy stuff, and a host of other managerial and administrative tasks that keep me busy, occupied, and happy. This is my niche.

Preparing for emergency and survival situations has never been something I've done in terms of "stocking up," but I've seen a lot of unsual things and experienced some true emergencies so mentally I'm prepared. I like reading about it all, and I've always had an evolving interest in outdoor survival. After spending time on that other survival forum I finally decided to create a bug out bag / general survival kit / I'll empty it out and use it for day hikes bag too. LOL. I even graduated to senior member on that forum. I also frequent a couple of law enforcement forums under a different name (ArkansasFan and ArkansasFan24). The emergency preparedness appeals to me more so than wilderness survival these days, but I remain attentive to it.

I love Arkansas and our football team even though we lost miserably to Alabama today. Stop by and pay us a visit. We're not the crazies you hear about. We send them down to Louisiana. ;)

Well, that's more than you wanted to read, but I have nothing else to do, and I wanted to make a good introduction.'d your day go?
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