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Hello all! I have been looking around a little, and decided I should introduce myself. My name is Lynda, and I live on the Kenai Peninsula, in the great state of Alaska. I think I may have been born a "survivalist":thumb: I have always been interested in learning how to do things for myself, and grew up in the country with a well stocked pantry...and now that I live in the freezer as my friends outside call it, it just seems foolish not to be prepared. Since my husband has learned that there is never more than a three day supply of foods in the state at any one time...he is now far more supportive of my "stash";)

Our DD is soon to be 19, but quite content to remain at home.

Anyway, thank you for letting me join, and sorry for the ramble:eek::. It looks like there are a few neighbors, so I shall go visiting...

Lynda in AK
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