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I am looking to fund the acquisition of gear and supplies, so I found a wholesale source for gear and supplies.

In the coming months, i will be selling military and outdoor gear on E-bay.

Search gla-outdoor_gear.

Right now I have Rio grand Back pack, and winter parka's.

You can buy off E-bay, or contact me here and order direct. I accept paypal only.

Not on E-bay, but available now are a variety of military back packs, including 3 sizes of ALICE packs, CFP-90ranger/assault pack combos, BDU's compasses, knives, boots, canteens, mess kits, small first aid kits etc...

Aside from the 2 items I currently have, I have access to an entire warehouse full of military and outdoor gear. I have pretty much everything a army surplus store carries.

If you are looking for something, please let me know, and I will try to find it for you.


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