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Several days ago we had back-to-back gully washer storms that flooded portions of the garden. Let's just say, a good portion of my potato patch is rotting in the ground.

Squash that was in portions that held water are dead, or dying.

Pepper plants may not survive.

Egg plant is doing well.

Couple rows of snap beans are dead.

Corn, okra, and tomatoes are doing well.

The sad thing, the potatoes were just a couple of weeks from harvesting, and the peppers were about to start producing.

Good news though, one row of snap beans is doing well. I think the purple hull peas are going to be fine.

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My neck of the woods is suffering from heavy rain, light rain, day-after-day of rain, no sun.

Finally, we've had 2 days of sun and things are drying out.

Paste type tomatoes can't handle that much water and rot has set in.

The green beans dropped all their just-developing green beans; the wax beans are flattened as are the Louisiana Multiplier onions.

However, the okra, cukes, and beefsteak-type tomatoes are up and producing!

I'm just glad that I'm not dependent on my garden for my food; it's just a hobby.

If I were relying on my own grown food, this year would be a very skinny year after weeks of rain.

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See my rain post...been raining here also , but finally stopped 2 days ago. Now we have to start watering the garden already. It's never perfect. I wished it would just rain .5 inches at night, every third day. That would be perfect.

Sorry about the garden, we get fungus on everything when it rains a lot. Just sprayed everything with copper sulfate
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